QualiFind | Collaborative For Children


Collaborative for Children’s QualiFind™ service enables parents to search for quality child care in the 13-county area by providing detailed information on more than 4,000 child care centers and registered family homes. Available online as a self-service tool or by phone to speak with an expert parent educator, QualiFind rates child care providers on key performance indicators, including teacher-to-child ratios, teacher qualifications, licensing compliance and family involvement.

In 2014, Collaborative for Children helped nearly 17,000 parents find child care through QualiFind. Of those, 13,000 used the online service to search for care and almost 4,000 accessed the service through the QualiFind call center.

Funds supporting QualiFind can help us continue to maintain and deliver a best-in-class child care resource and referral system to families across the Greater Houston area. With 57% of young children in Harris County alone in the care of adults other than their parents during the workday, the need for assistance in recognizing and finding quality child care is great. With your support, we can help even more families do just that.