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The Role of Philanthropy in Early Childhood Development

The Committee for Economic Development’s “Conversations on Advancing Early Learning” series featured entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist J.B. Pritzker in a recent podcast titled "The Role of Philanthropy in Early Learning." Mr. Pritzker discussed how and why he became a supporter of early childhood development, and explained the natural fit between building success through early stage business investments and building success through high-quality early education.

In business and in life, early course corrections are more efficient and effective than trying to fix problems later. Mr. Pritzker describes the findings of the Pritzker Children’s Initiative funder’s guide, including areas ripe for high-impact philanthropic investments in early childhood development and the importance of program quality in determining future learning outcomes. The podcast closes with Mr. Pritzker’s recommendations for how business leaders can ensure our next generation workforce is prepared for success by improving the quality of early education across our country, particularly for children in underserved communities.