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Collaborative for Children Staff Sets Pace in Circle of Friends Giving Campaign

People that know about Collaborative for Children support Collaborative for Children. And, the more people know, the more committed they become.

As with all local nonprofits, Collaborative for Children is confronting threats to philanthropic giving as a result of regional economic challenges. Yet, there remains so much to do. Tens of thousands of young children in Greater Houston are beginning their lives without quality early education. There are consequences for failing to provide genuine opportunity to the youngest and most vulnerable. As these boys and girls become the men and women of our next generation workforce, these consequences threaten our region’s future, regardless of current charitable conditions. Therefore, postponing ambitious plans to improve the quality of early learning is not an option.

“Lots of companies in key economic sectors have been hit hard by recent downturns, and these struggles are felt by local nonprofits that serve the most vulnerable,” said Carol Shattuck, Collaborative for Children president and CEO. Ms. Shattuck added that, “in times of greatest need the community’s capacity to respond is tested, but we can’t afford to compromise the American Dream for our youngest generation.” According to Ms. Shattuck, “Collaborative for Children is pushing ahead.”

In 2016, more than ever, Collaborative for Children is relying on those who know the organization best to set the pace for charitable giving. No one is more knowledgeable than the trainers, consultants, managers, analysts and advocates who carry out Collaborative for Children’s mission every day.  Collaborative for Children is proud to announce that its staff has taken a bold step forward in creating a better future for all children in Greater Houston.

Reaffirming Collaborative for Children’s mission, values and collective impact, staff exceeded its target fundraising goal and gave $28,875 in the first quarter of 2016. The staff fundraising effort is the first round in the multiple-round Circle of Friends giving campaign that includes Collaborative for Children’s Board of Directors, community stakeholders and key advisors.

Collaborative for Children’s staff is up to the challenge and have set the pace. Each day staff dedicate their time – with teachers in classrooms, with parents in homes and libraries, and with local leaders – fighting for a vision where opportunity is the right of every child. These staff members also have dedicated their own money to the cause. Now, others must embrace the call.

“I am extremely excited to see that we not only surpassed our campaign goal, but we did it with collaboration in mind,” said DJ Alexander, chair of the 2016 Circle of Friends Staff Campaign. Mr. Alexander reemphasized the theme of the 2016 campaign, “We do it better, when we do it together!”

Find out more about why Collaborative for Children’s staff and supporters from across Greater Houston are motivated to make a lifelong impact in the life of a young child, and then, join the cause. Donate Now