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Collaborative for Children Launches HELP Houston Volunteer Program

Collaborative for Children has announced the launch of HELP Houston (Helping Early Learning Programs in Houston) to coordinate volunteer opportunities that positively impact early learning environments for children across Greater Houston. The initiative allows individuals 18 years of age and older to directly support Collaborative for Children in building a strong, thriving Houston where all children are prepared to succeed.

“Houston’s greatest resource is its caring citizens who are so willing to give their time to benefit the next generation,” said Carol Shattuck, president and CEO of Collaborative for Children. “With HELP Houston, we’ve designed volunteer opportunities to align individuals’ interests and talents with the real needs of our organization and the child care programs we support,” Ms. Shattuck said.

Collaborative for Children will provide opportunities for individuals and groups interested in ensuring the long-term success of children, tailoring roles to match interests and maximize impact. Examples of HELP Houston volunteer roles include reading to young children; working with children on literacy and math-building skills; painting, renovating or landscaping a child care center; or creating outdoor play spaces, among others. 

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