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CDA Scholarships from Workforce Solutions

Applications close on September 10, 2021 - Apply below!

We are accepting applications for Child Development Associates (CDA) renewal (soon to expire or expired CDA certification) and CDA assessment (you have completed 120 CDA clock hours and are ready to take the CDA exam) scholarships from Workforce Solutions!

All teachers, caregivers, directors, and assistant directors who currently work in a licensed child care center or a registered/licensed family child care home within Harris and the 13 surrounding counties are eligible to apply.

These applications are closing on September 10, 2021. Click the respective button below to apply for a scholarship today.

If you have questions, contact Tamira at Campbell Tamira.Campbell@wrksolutions.com

For information on the step by step process for the CDA (Initial) assessment and CDA renewal, please visit the CDA Council for Professional Recognition