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Our Solution

We're building the quality learning foundation that lasts a lifetime.

For years, Collaborative for Children has improved early learning environments for children in Greater Houston. We build the capacity of education providers, strengthen parental engagement, and lead advocacy and public policy initiatives. 

Evidence is mounting that Collaborative for Children’s programs are having a positive impact on children and families:

•    By focusing on the most vulnerable children: In the Sunnyside neighborhood 36% of the population is below the poverty level, and in the Aldine Independent School District 85% of students are economically disadvantaged and almost 70% are categorized as at-risk.  
•    By bridging the educational achievement gap: Students who graduated from Collaborative for Children’s Sunnyside programs have entered the Houston Independent School District prepared to succeed, overwhelmingly earning passing grades in class and performing at the national average on Stanford test scores.
•    By engaging parents and improving the home learning environment: All parents who participated in our College Bound from Birth program learned new parenting skills and more than 90% reported changing their parenting practices by incorporating the lessons from training. 
•    By developing the capacity of teachers and directors: 100% of the more than 30 participating teachers indicated that the College Bound from Birth program had improved their classrooms’ learning environments, and all directors reported that the program had improved their centers’ learning environments.
•    By increasing children’s social and emotional well-being and resilience: Children who graduated from the Sunnyside program experienced positive changes in protective factors, including a statistically significant increase in initiative. 

Our programs are making a positive difference, building a foundation for the future of Houston. Currently we’re expanding to ensure more at-risk children in more neighborhoods have access to high quality early learning opportunities. If you’re ready to be a part of the solution, then come join us.

Support us in helping Houston's children succeed.