Legislative Agenda and Results


The 84th Legislature regular session opened on January 13, 2015 and will wrap up on June 1, 2015. During this time our legislators will consider thousands of bills.

Collaborative for Children supports three public policy priorities in order to strengthen the state’s early care and education system.

  • Fully funding high-quality, full-school day pre-K for all eligible children in Texas.
  • Increasing pre-service training for child care teachers and improve annual training.
  • Forming a group to study best practices and policies to determine safe ratios and group sizes for licensed child care facilities in Texas.

Learn more about our early childhood education public policy priorities.

Advocacy by the Numbers

90% of brain development
occurs by age 5.

Only 50% of eligible children
receive a child care subsidy.

Currently there is only enough funding
to send 18% of eligible children in Harris
County to Head Start.